Successful and Productive Meetings, delivered within budget which accomplish goals and receive positive evaluation feedback from attendees are our standard. Nearly every project starts with the site search and budget composition and then finishes with the post-event financial and evaluation summaries. Between these landmarks are myriad details different for each meeting that make the difference between an average meeting and an outstanding meeting. Our team sets our sights on outstanding and, more importantly, we have the experience to make it happen.

Effective Communication, relies upon understanding both the message and the intended audience as well as regulatory and legal requirements critical to ethical communication of new scientific information in today’s pharmaceutical environment. With advanced degrees in the sciences and communications, the CMM Global team provides writing and editing services to ensure accurate messaging tailored to communication objectives.

Professional Education is an important part of nearly every CMM Global project. This reflects the belief that good communication is a learning process. This learning-based approach is particularly important when conveying new information within the scientific and medical fields. We are always mindful of producing meetings and materials that account for attendee knowledge at the inception of a meeting and the learning goals to be met through participation in the meeting.

Technology Solutions for logistics management and content development are integral to producing meetings and events that stay on track, on budget and meet goals. Audiovisual services and information technology are key production factors in successful meetings. For those reasons CMM Global offers comprehensive planning, management and execution of technology employed in our meetings.